Service centre

Vehicle towing service

Complete engine rebuilding and assembly (petrol & diesel)

Service exchange engines and components

Cylinder head rebuilding, welding, stitching, surface grinding and pressure testing

Crankshaft crack testing, grinding and alignment

Conrod resizing, alignment, press-fit and fit & machine of small end bushes

Block reboring, resleeving, honing, welding, cam bush fitting and line boring

Diesel pump and injector repairs and rebuilding

Petrol injector repairs and servicing with ultrasonic nozzle cleaning

Surface grinding of blocks, heads and manifolds

General engineering and making of pins, bushes, shafts and milling

Specialized welding on cast iron, aluminium and steel

Servicing of vehicles and COF of vehicles

Fault diagnostics

Automotive spares and accessories

Automotive radiator repairs and services

Heat exchanging solutions and modifications

Engine and turbo protection systems

Fleet survey and management services

Engine dynamometer

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